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Meet The Team

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Bryianna Frazier

Social Media crew member 

Bryianna Cameron-Frazier is a full time Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising student as well as founder of her own custom apparel brand, Eclypse. Before her business she was a freelance makeup artist and aspiring influencer. She comes to us from Jersey City, New Jersey and is getting her BFA in Fashion Design & Fashion Merchandising this upcoming spring!

Kami Simmons, CEO & Founder

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Kami is an on-camera host, personality, and entrepreneur, who has worked for the White House, CNN, HLN, NBC, FOX, ViacomCBS, BET Digital, iHeart Media, REVOLT, just to name a few, and is currently with xoNecole. Her focus is empowering men and women through the work she produces. Which is on entertainment and lifestyle and how that reflects the society in which we live, what she likes to call info-tainment! She started out her niche in this space when she attended Columbia University. Where she earned her Masters in Journalism. To continue to connect and share information with people in media (which she had been doing since back in 2013 during her undergraduate college career), she created the First Class Crew (known as Media Mondays on Clubhouse in 2019), which has evolved over the years. Since the community rapidly grew over 3,000 members. She is working on scaling it into a consulting and community platform for entrepreneurs and media people alike to network, alleviate their careers, and ultimately build their own brands. In addition to running the the First Class Crew, Kami loves to report on lifestyle and entertainment space. She wants to make sure the news she tells empowers, entertains, and informs. 

Some Of Our Partners

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