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REVOLT premier of Black Girl Stuff season 2 plus two new shows

REVOLT TV gave a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Revolt Studios ATL. Which featured popping positive bops, exclusive BGS cocktails (featuring Chairman Sean @diddy Combs's newest @ciroc flavor - Honey Melon), great networking, and an empowering time!

The media mixer was hosted by REVOLT's female-driven talk show, Black Girl Stuff. Hosted by Black Girl Stuff (BGS) co-hosts Brii Renee, Tori Brixx, Britt Hall, and correspondent Kennedy Rue, this will be a fun evening to learn more about the show and REVOLT’s latest show premieres while enjoying a DJ mix from Tori Brixx and drinking exclusive BGS cocktails.

REVOLT's two new shows, REVOLT News Weekly's new "Money Honey" with business & finance correspondent Akilah Ffriend and a new REVOLT series "Stopping Traffic" with former Black Girl Stuff host Demetria Obilor, were also announced.

The REVOLT hosts congratulated the president of REVOLT Studios Atlanta, Monique Chenault, and Cynthia Harris.

Make sure to tune into all the shows on the @revolttv app!

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