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Want media access? Are you a fellow publicist? Are you an aspiring talent and or influencer looking to get seen? 


Want exclusive access to the music festivals, celebrity red carpets, branch launch events, movie premiere box office screenings, star-studded listening parties, and many other industry events? 


Get your foot in the door and all-access front-row pass to the biggest and all-exclusive events in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and a city near you!! 


After you purchase, you will receive an email with a link to an excel sheet that will update with events and the RSVP information every other day.


First Class Crew has no affiliation and can not guarantee you approval for any listed event.


Media Access

Looking to become an entertainment and media correspondent and host? Have A Media Company or Blog? Cover The Stars you know and love At red carpets, music festivals, parties, brunches, and many more events! 


Fellow Publicist

Need To Cover all your event access bases for your clients? Never miss an event with our List!


Aspiring influencers and talent?

Looking to continue to be the go-to person in your industry and make a name for yourself and your business/ brand? As well as get eyes on your business and brand? Looking to network with the right folks? 


Join our event list and get the Access that will put you in the right rooms!


For general assistance or to cancel your order, contact

The First Class Crew sent this email. 


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Event Subscription

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