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What's included:

  • Social media promo roll-out event ideas:
  • Swag bag thank you ideas 
  • Video photo shot list ideas:
  • Promotional market campaign ideas on location
  • Branded event prompt card bullet talking points
  • Website landing page example

  • Previous event event brite link example

  • List of items (including decorations) to consider

  • Themed/ crafted drink names

  • Activation/demonstration ideas and area ideas checklist

  • Ticket tiers ideas checklist

  • VIP perk ideas checklist

  • Staff to consider

  • Vendor opportunity checklist

  • Sample emails for sponsor, speakers, influncers, and content creators

  • Sample press release

  • Sample press/media application

  • Sample run of show 

  • Sample metrics and numbers to generate 

Ultimate event workbook guide

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