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Media Mastery: Unleashing the Power to Skyrocket Visibility and Boost Sales

You don’t know what you don’t know. I was so down and out and hanging around invaluable people. Once I put myself in spaces with like-minded accountable creatives and entrepreneurs that’s when I created a plan of action and executed and stayed consistent.

One of the ways I continue to get more visibility while adding to my value is through media opportunities at my events.

  1. Invite influencers, creatives, and media who can review your brand business and give you a shout out!

  2. Include a vendor market place ad opportunity into your business media marketing strategy.

  3. Incorporate company promotion and merchandise in a customized swag bag.

  4. Place sponsor business brand logo in all media marketing and signage.

  5. Include the sponsor brand logo in the video and photo content.

Once I learned to shamelessly show my value in pitching and marketing that’s when everything else took off! I always knew that media marketing and pitching was my thing I just wasn’t around like-minded creative entrepreneurs who made that known to me.

If you feel like you hit a wall but want to grow your visibility and sales I just launched my ultimate event workbook guide:

I highly suggest to get the event sponsorship & brand template deck and sponsorship opportunities examples checklist with it to to get everything you need to get your next paid sponsor.

The event workbook guide includes:

🌟Social media promo roll-out event ideas

🌟Swag bag thank you ideas

🌟Promotional market campaign ideas on location

🌟Sample emails for sponsor, speakers, influencers, and content creators

🌟Sample run of show

If you’re like me and you like to have residual income and make your money work for you, this is your sign to start today!

The money is out here you just have to show the investors and sponsors the value proposition.

This is the first time I’m releasing this industry proven strategy and framework that I’ve used for major places I’ve worked like the White House, Paramount, Yahoo, and NBC, just name a few!

Your time is now and no time like the present to start your calling.

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